Spring Tune-Ups for Summer Adventuring



Spring Tune-Ups for Summer Adventuring
While the bluster and bite of winter may still reign over much of the country, spring melts and the months of outdoor recreation they usher forth are just around the corner. Now is the time to survey summer gear and prepare for the active months ahead. Boating, camping, and cycling gear can all benefit from a seasonal tune-up. Here are some recommendations for fun summer adventuring.


Boat maintenance is critical for the longevity and safety of your vessel, both on and off the water. The following should be completed prior to your craft’s maiden voyage each season.

  • Register – Make sure your registration is current to avoid expensive fines.
  • Clean – A quick wash inside and out with mild detergent prevents mold, stains, and the spread of invasive aquatic species. A final scrub and rinse with a boat hull cleaner will make your boat shine.
  • Inspect and Repair – Check for and repair any scratches, cracks, or damage that may impair safety and seaworthiness. Examine trolling motor and power trim as well.
  • Battery and Engine – Check that your boat’s battery has a sufficient charge and clean corrosion off terminals with baking soda and water. Then, drain old engine fuel, change the oil if necessary, and start it to ensure it’s running properly.
  • Lights – Test any lights that may be legally necessary for early morning or late night trips.
  • Trailer – Check trailer tire pressure, test the wheels independently, and confirm lights are in working order.
  • Safety Gear – Review gear for size and state law requirements to verify compliance. Finally, check for a functional fire extinguisher and first aid kit, as well.


Taking a few minutes to inspect all your camping gear can save time, energy, and a host of headaches when camping season arrives. Give tents and sleeping bags a good shake, air out or clean if possible, and check seams for any necessary repairs. For tent camping, make sure you have all tent poles and stakes, sleeping mats, and supplies for inclement weather. Gather, clean, and/or replace cooking tools and supplies that may have expired. Finally, make sure you have functional lanterns and flashlights, with batteries for both, and any necessary safety, first aid, and survival gear.


Whether you’re headed up into the mountains or just taking a lazy trip around town, your bike will benefit from a quick tune-up prior to regular use. An initial wipe down to clear away last year’s grime may reveal areas of rust that require attention or replacement, particularly with brake cables and chains. Regardless, all chains benefit from a quick cleaning with degreasing solvent and a smear of chain lubricant. Comprehensive chain cleaning kits can be a great option, as well. Next, review and tighten brake cables, nuts, and bolts, making adjustments and further lubricating if needed. Make sure your fork is properly aligned and secure. Check all quick releases and tighten if necessary. Fill your tires and check reflective and other bike lights. Finally, take your bike for a quick spin, shifting through all gears to check for any further issues. If anything needs expert attention, take it to a local bike shop for a professional tune-up.

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